hydraulic cylinders

We are constantly working on ways to increase productivity, ease, and efficiency at the job site. We have developed a drive assist adapter for the Bossman jacks that makes moving and positioning these units vastly easier.

hydraulic cylindersThe drive assist kit is now available and includes the complete handle assembly, 1 lithium ion battery, and its charger.

Changing out the handle is simple and requires only loosening the bolt from the existing handle, removing the handle, replacing with the drive assist assembly, and tightening the bolt.

The life of each battery can be checked if the power is on or off. Each battery will last up to 90 minutes of run time, and each lit up cell indicated 30 minutes of run time. Unlike some batteries that lose power when dormant, the lithium ion battery only loses charge as it is in active use.

The drive assist handle has a small wheel that makes contact with the front wheel of the Bossman jack, and when slight pressure is applied, the jack will move with ease once the button is engaged.

As you can see, the jack is easily moved by pressing the button on the handle either forward or in reverse.

The handle can be adjusted to accommodate moving the jack into tight spaces at a number of intervals.

Firmly tap the battery to slide it away from the handle and replace with a new, fully charged one.

BJ150-03DAHandle assembly, 1 lithium ion battery, and its charger.90 Minutes

Bossman Jack Drive Assist Adapter

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