hydraulic cylindersThe Duff Norton air jack line was first manufactured in 1929, and remains one of the most reliable lifting units on the market. The design has changed only subtly over the years, primarily to improve safety features and accessibility. In 2007, the air jack division was purchased and relocated from Charlotte, NC to Billings, MT. Over the near-decade since the company was relocated, the company has continued to make advances in the safety and reliability of the established products, as well as continue research and development to fit the customers’ specific needs.

The company now manufactures the bulk of their own parts in-house, providing their customers with the best lead times on parts and manufactured components. All of our qualified people pull together to insure the customer receives quality products with exceptional delivery times.


hydraulic cylinders

Chris Lund

Chris holds a degree from Montana State University in Mechanical Engineering, and is the company’s on staff Engineer. He has worked at Duff Norton Air Jack since 2012. He has years of CNC experience, and in hiring Chris, the company now has the capability to manufacture the bulk of their own parts in-house. He is also involved in research and development of new products.

hydraulic cylinders

Tamara Kraft

Tamara has worked for Duff Norton Air Jack since 2007, shortly after the company opened in Montana. She has a degree in English Literature from Montana State University, and has enjoyed working in the mechanical/industrial field. As the office manager, she answers phone calls and emails, and is in charge of purchasing, accounting, and shipping.

hydraulic cylinders

John Kaufmann

John has worked for Duff Norton Air Jack since 2007, in various different capacities. He started in the warehouse, doing basic shipping and receiving, and has done everything from office work to jack technician, and now operates one of our CNC machines, as well as provides on-site training and re-certifications to our Warranty Service Centers. He graduated from Wyotech with a degree in Diesel Mechanics.